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Ebooks Ads Affiliate Program - Get 100% of the commission!


Display Ebook Ads and get 100% of the commission

  • Now you can display ads on your site similar to Google Adwords.
  • You simply add 1 line of code into your pages
  • Totally free!

This is how the result will look like:



How does this work?

First you have to sign-up at Clickbank.com (only if you haven't got a ClickBankID yet).

(Clickbank is a third party that manages all payments. This special link let's you sign-up for free at Clickbank.)


Then simply insert the following into your webpage:

<script type="text/javascript"


Let's say your Clickbank ID is "johnsmith". Then you have to insert:

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.ebooks-download.com/ad.php?aff=johnsmith"></script>

Is that so simple?

You bet it is.

All of the 4 links will include your own Clickbank ID. You can start to make money with ebooks in 1 minute. Usually the commission is about 30%-60% of the price of the ebook. In other words: A lot of money.

It's stupidly simple.

Why this offer?

Since _YOU_ are getting 100% of the commission, it's legitimate to ask what _I_ will get. Well, to put it simple: Below the ad there is the link to ebooks-download.com (as you can see from the example above).

That's all.

More info on how to adjust the ads

If you want to adjust the display format (colors etc) go to How to adjust Ebook Ads

Questions? Write me an email.


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