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How does this work?

First you have to sign-up at Clickbank.com (only if you haven't got a ClickBankID yet).

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Is that so simple?

You bet it is.

All of the money making affiliate links (in each category and subcategory of this site) will be converted to include your own Clickbank ID. You can start to make money with ebooks in 1 minute. Usually the commission is about 30%-60% of the price of the ebook. In other words: A lot of money.

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Why this offer?

Since _YOU_ are getting 100% of the commission, it's legitimate to ask what _I_ will get. Well, to put it simple: I hope that more and more people (like you) will link to me and search engines will list my site higher and higher, so that I will make money from visitors who come directly from search engines in the future.

Questions? Write me an email.

"I aimed at the public's heart, and by accident I hit it in the stomach."